Monday, September 27, 2010


Right now, my oldest sister is sitting in the emergency room at Doernbecher Children's Hospital holding her youngest son. Doctors think 15 month Kaden had another stroke today, and for the third time this month he's been rushed to the hospital for answers.

Answers. I wish we had them right now. Doctors have ran every test they can think of, prescribed medication, diagnosed the problem, but still have no answers as to how the problem got there. Kaden has six blood clots close to his brain, one that is large and dangerous. And though we know the blood clots are causing the strokes, we don't have any idea what is causing the blood clots. It's the strangest feeling to love someone so much and be powerless to do anything on their behalf; to be so completely out of control of what happens to them.

So we wait, and hope, and pray being confident that before Kaden was formed in the womb God knew him, before he was born, God set him a part. The doctors may not have answers, but God created every artery, every blood and brain cell. And in His omnipotent hands he holds the answer.

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