Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coffee Detox

Attempt #1

Date: Saturday, November 20th
Inspiration: Conversation on adverse effects of caffeine on O blood types following a Nutella induced blood sugar crash
Results: Comatose migraine in the middle of Pastor Mark's sermon and thankfulness for back row seating
Remedy: Two Excedrin migraine (magic pain reliever that contains caffeine)
Reflections: God bless whoever decided to include caffeine in Excedrin

Attempt #2

Date: Tuesday, November 30th
Inspiration: Midnight research on the link between insomnia inducing muscle spasms and dehydration due to caffeine intake
Results: Blurry head, unintelligible speech, walking dead demeanor, and lack of social filter
Remedy: Mug of black tea around 1:30pm
Reflections: As long as the remedy does not involve a small, brown, aromatic bean, other forms of caffeine should be considered fair game

...Attempt #3? To be determined

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