Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Northern California Day 4: Quick Highlights

I'm super tired so tonight's entry is quick highlights...

1) Found amazing coffee at a place in Novato called Dr. Insomniacs. I won instant cool point with the barista for being from Portland. Every good barista knows impeccable coffee belongs to Portland, Oregon. Discovered a life changing baked good called a scuffin. You guessed it, a scone and muffin mix of pure deliciousness.

2) Had a Maria moment. Went and wandered the pastureland once more, but this time brought books. I almost found myself twirling around on the top of a hill in my nun garb while singing.

3) Went for a run, this time without the catcalls.

4) The food at tonight's fair was epic: bruschetta, grilled vegetables, meatballs, and all sorts of palatable goodies.

5) Had a junior lean way to close into my fair table for comfort and ask me, "So, are there lots of ladies at this school?" Apparently potential to get a girlfriend was on the top of his college compatibility list.

6) In and Out for dinner. And with that, I'm out...

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