Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Arguments with Perfect

I can't tell you how many times in relationship I've had to admit to being wrong. Whether I'm in a business meeting conceding to someone's idea, working issues out with family members, or learning to communicate more aptly with a friend, there have been several moments of "You were right, and I was wrong."

However, in most of these conversations, there is a middle ground. The other party involved has something they can give on, something they can do better, something deeper to understand. Neither side is perfect, and here is the beauty of learning and growing in human relationship.

However, recently, I've found myself frustrated in these conversations with God. When I'm dissatisfied, when I feel our relationship could be better or my voice should be heard more, God is not in the wrong. He truly has nothing to change, no character flaw, and no imperfection he's bringing to the relationship. There is no room for "I was wrong in this, but you were wrong in that." And I must reconcile myself to the fact that my mind has to be changed, my view enlarged, my position altered. And that kind of trust both terrifies me and excites me as I realize His best laid plans look very different from mine.

And I find myself at another crossroads. I can continuing to be frustrated, or I can trust, change my mind, and ask to see those attitudes that need to be shifted. How do you argue with Perfect but to ask for grace.

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