Friday, October 7, 2011

20 Signs You've Been in the ICU Waiting Room Too Long

This week has been a journey that I'm sure will shape the rest of my life. I've spent the past 6 days in San Diego with family as my uncle has battled for his life in the ICU. Praise God that he is a miracle working God who hears the prayers of His people. And although I've been reflecting deeply and will continue to do so, over dinner last night, we all had a good laugh over the signs of being too long in the ICU waiting room...

1. You answer the "volunteer" phone and give instructions to other families from nurses.
2. You know every other visitor by name.
3. You escort visitors to the door of their patient.
4. You know the exact time of day the air conditioning will kick in.
5. Your idea of entertainment is visiting the cafeteria.
6. You've actually pondered every piece of art on the hospital grounds.
7. The people at the coffee cart know you by name and suggest a punch card.
8. You know what bathrooms have the shortest lines.
9. You know what hallway has the best cell phone reception.
10. You get upset when your corner table is taken by newbies and thus start leaving behind "reserved" signs.
11. You can tell volunteers which therapy dog is the best behaved.
12. The sweet old lady at the front desk will no longer validate your parking.
13. You've actually seen the same special on the cafeteria menu more than once.
14. You've begun purchasing magazines in Spanish from the gift shop because you've read all the English ones.
15. You know what all the secret hospital codes spoken over the intercom mean.
16. You know no longer get nervous at the announcement of "infant code Adam," because it will inevitably be resolved 30 second later.
17. You know where the best parking spots are located.
18. You see the hospital on the news from the waiting room television.
19. Your idea of celebratory drinks is another round of coffee.
20. You train a new visitors on ICU Waiting Room protocol when you are released to the 5th floor.

Thank you God for life!

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